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понеділок, 4 березня 2013 р.

Peace Corps impressions

Erin Taylor, a Peace Corps volunteer is a very dedicated person - she does her best to teach students English and involve them in after classes activities.
What she wrote about the latest events :
"I participated in three really interesting events recently. The first was Write On!, a writing competition for Ukrainian students. About 30 of my student came together to write on fun and thought provoking topics such as "What does a blind person see?" and "What would happen if children ruled the world?" Their responses were so great and I can't wait to hear the results! The next two events took place this past weekend in Novyi Rozdil. The first was an American Cultural Conference. Each American Volunteer taught a lesson about what makes them unique. I taught a lesson on the American South and Southern Slang. It was really fun, y'all! After the lessons, we did yoga and played some American football.  
The last event was a W.E.L.L. Seminar. This acronym stands for Workshop for English Language and Leadership. The seminar was a day packed full of interesting lessons focusing on identity, teamwork, and world issues like human trafficking and HIV/AIDS. It was a really exciting and educational event. And we all know that the yellow team was the best! :)"

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