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субота, 10 грудня 2011 р.

European Schools for a Living Planet - conference in Sambir, Ukraine

On December, 8 in Sambir School № 8 a conference was held on the topic of the river Dnister, which flows in Sambir, its future, our steps of taking care of it, making our town and school a better and greener place to live.


Keeping in mind that “Green = Clean!”, Euroclub “LIFE” has decided to use the words of a Chinese proverb for our project goal and objectives:

If you are planning for a year-plant crops,
If you are planning for some years-plant trees,
If you are planning for the life-teach and educate people 
Chinese proverb 

We’ve been actively working on the project “European Schools for a Living Planet” since September and after coming back from Austria we made the action plan, together with volunteers, pupils and teachers worked in groups and made presentations of what is the best to start with, discussed the main steps.

The conference we held on 8 December was a success, the questions it raised touched very serious, urgent problems, facing our town nowadays and students shared their plans how to make the town cleaner and of course greener one. The teacher of biology, who joined our conference and helped much better find out all facts about the river Dnister, its fauna and flora also shared the ways how to clean the river, so, we all came to the conclusion that the best way is not to clean but not to litter, keep the river clean, tell pupils, teachers, people, community how to do that, how to save the river from pollution and floods, rubbish and wastes.

We all watched the photos taken near the river, and they were not attractive at all. Hopefully, we’ll take better pictures of the Dnister in spring-summer, after our cleaning it up. Pupils shared the action plan, which includes making brochures and posters, planting flowers, bushes and trees not only in our school yard but near the river, cleaning the river in spring, raising money and doing other helpful things. Pupils agreed that they are power, very active and mighty one and they are the first who will start this movement in the town, involving other pupils, parents, community to join them.

We are ready to start today, and what about you?

Author: Tetyana Hrynkevych, Euroclub "LIFE", Sambir


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